Gift Registry

We have gift giving all wrapped up!

Welcome to the House Gift Registry, where inspirational gift ideas live. As Australia's most creative and inspired kitchen and homewares destination, House offers perfect gift giving solutions for every occasion.

The House Gift Registry enables your guests to choose a special gift they know you already love, at a competitive price.

How the Gift Registry works

House provides you with a set of cards to include with your invitations advising your guests that you have registered with our Gift Registry. They simply visit a House store to select one of the gifts listed from your personal register. When an item on the register is purchased it is deleted and we can even organise gift wrapping.

Don’t forget that any gift you purchase from House can be wrapped by our staff with a professional touch that will ensure the presentation looks great.

For more information, please call into any of our House stores around Australia where our Gift Registry Consultants will be delighted to help.

House offers perfect gift giving solutions for every occasion