Tefal Innovations

Non-Stick Coatings

Tefal has created a number of durable non stick coatings that are designed to last up to 3x longer, resistant to all cooking tools and even metallic spatulas.

Ergonomic Stay Cool Handles

Soft touch stay cools handles to help prevent the risk of burning hands when cooking on the stovetop. They are comfortable and designed to last. Moveover, some of these can be removed and used on various pans.

Thermo-Spot - Perfect Temp Indicator

Did you know that appropriately pre-heating your pan is the key to perfect cooking? Just like your oven needs pre-heating before baking, you need to pre-heat your pan if you wish to get the best cooking results. Thermo-spot features a heat indicator that helps you cook in all safety those perfect meals for your loved ones.

ActiFry - Low Oil Deep Frying

The idea of making homemade fries with very little oil arose a long time ago, and we were able to approach the question from another angle through our research with French universities that focused on the cooking process. This new knowledge led us to understand the precise role oil plays in cooking and the exact parameters needed to get a crispy outside and a soft inside. Once we developed and mastered this process, we needed to transpose it to a household appliance. It took no fewer than five generations of prototypes and multiple organoleptic tests to come up with the sought-after quality and results. That's how ActiFry was born. And now we are counting on you to carry on this culinary journey.

Freemove Technology - Cable Free Ironing

The agile Freemove is completely cable free. It’s the slimline base, which you can physically attach to your ironing board, that plugs into the wall and charges the iron. Consistant recharge : the iron is replaced on its base to be recharged during each micro-resting session (instead of on its heel as with a corded iron). Ergonomic base : The base is adapted to the natural horizontal movement of the person ironing. A shock-absorbing dome guiding the iron smoothly into place.

Smart Technology - Make Ironing Light Work

To make the task of ironing a pleasure and to get perfect results, Tefal introduces Smart Technology™. Thanks to this new device, the generator's temperature and steam are electrically regulated and in just one click, you can get the ideal steam / temperature combination and will iron easily and quickly. No more compromising on performance, now without any adjustment, ironing is made safe and easy..